Steel Stress Relieving

Steel Stress Relieving is a specialized heat-treating process in which the mechanical properties of a particular material are changed in order to prevent stress from occurring in the material. Steel Stress Relieving works by heating steel to a suitable temperature, holding it long enough to reduce the residual stress and then cooling it slowly enough to minimize new residual stresses from developing. The process can be employed after a part is manufactured or during various stages of the manufacturing process.

Steel Stress Relief Executed Properly

For steel stress relief to be done properly, exact heating and cooling rates need to be used.  Using modern temperature-controlling equipment, the experts at Hi-Tech Steel are able to generate the very specific heating and cooling rates required to relieve and minimize the introduction of new stress.  The experts at Hi-Tech Steel highly recommend steel stress relieving for parts that are:

  • Large and complex- as they are often prone to higher levels of stress.
  • Clamped- stress cracking can often occur in parts that are clamped.
  • Hole locations- parts where changes in hole locations are frequent may cause tolerance to be severely impacted.

Additional Stressors

When metal parts are initially manufactured, there will be a certain amount of stress induced into the part. Steel Stress Relieving can be employed after a part is manufactured.  Additional stress can be caused by:

  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Any other process that moves metal
steel stress relieving

Many Benefits

There are many benefits to using this process.  Some of the steel stress relieving benefits are:

  • Machine castings
  • Tight-dimensional tolerance parts
  • Machined parts that have undergone a great deal of stock removal.

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